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Things You Should Know Before Entering Into The State Of Ihram

Are you planning to perform Umrah this year? If yes, one of the most significant things that you must be aware of is how to get into the state of Ihram because without entering in the state of Ihram, a person cannot enter Meeqat which is the limit around city Makkah.

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How To Have a Peaceful Umrah

Umrah is a pilgrimage to city Makkah that can be undertaken at any time of the year unlike Hajj. Umrah is sometimes also referred to as 'lesser or minor pilgrimage. The Muslim scholars are of the view that Umrah is not obligatory as Hajj. Though, Umrah can also be performed with the Hajj, so you require not visit city Makkah for performing the pilgrimages. If you have a fixed schedule then you can think performing both at once.

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How to Perform Umrah - Useful Guide for Pilgrims

1. Ihraam Ihraam is assumed at the Meqaat,
2. Tawaaf: Tawaaf is around the House of ALLAH Almighty, which consists of 7 circuits.
3. Saaee: Saaee is between the hills of as-Safa and al-Marwa, which consists of 7 circuits.
4. Tahallul: It means coming out of the sacred state of Ihraam, making legal and lawful what which was previously forbidden during the state of Ihram.

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Steps to Perform Umrah

* In order to perform the initial requirement is that person should have to be Muslim because non-Muslims are not allowed to enter in Makkah. When a Muslim intends to perform minor pilgrimage and reaches at the station of Meeqat either by ship, land or by air, pilgrims should puts on Ihram and takeoff their clothes.

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